Here are just a few examples of how ScanChex® can be of benefit in different industries:


International patent pending ScanChex® utilizes everyday Smartphone technology along with unique geo-coded QR or NFC tags*, providing management with independent verification as to whether or not required daily functions are being carried out by the right person, at the right time, at the right location.

  • ScanChex® is cloud-based, thus requiring no downloads and installation of software on your local computer, allowing easy access anywhere via the Internet.
  • ScanChex® is inexpensive and easy to set up, with top-notch security features. ScanChex® provides:
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Delivery Monitoring & Verification
  • Personnel Verification
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Electronic Tracking
  • GPS Mobile Asset Tracking

Examples of Everyday Use:

1.  Companies in any industry can use ScanChex® to manage the prescribed servicing and routine inspection maintenance of their critical assets that, if not carried out on a timely basis, could jeopardize the viability of their ongoing operations, such as Hotels, Attractions, Security Companies, Manufacturers and Municipalities.

  • When last was the generator checked, and by whom?
  • Was the store opened up on time for business?
  • Did the restocking clerk miss one of the vending machines?
  • Were all four sides of a vacant house checked or just the front?

2.  ScanChex® is an excellent, low cost solution to help service maintenance companies monitor their field technicians, helping to ensure that they are showing up for appointments on a timely basis, and alerting both management and their customers of any potential delays via emails or text messaging, helping to protect and enhance the company’s reputation.

3. Healthcare providers can benefit from our affordable solution to ensure that patient visits are scheduled and maintained on a timely basis, and using ScanChex® to provide independent verification to satisfy compliance protocols for all levels of care, mitigating audits for improper questionable practices.

4. Construction companies can use ScanChex® to confirm that their critical staff and sub-contractors are reporting to various job sites when they should.

5. By using ScanChex® in agribusiness, management can receive independent verification that critical operations are being carried out by all levels of staff on a timely basis, thus enhancing productivity.

ScanChex® simply lets you know when an assigned individual has not shown up to do their prescribed task or is tardy in carrying it out, and because each QR code or NFC tag is geo-coded it must be scanned from the preestablished location.

*QR = Quick Response
*NFC = Near-Field Communications

ScanChex® can be used as a solution for almost any task that you need to make sure is done. Whether you’re an individual, small-business, or even a large corporation – you have important things that need to be done on time.

If these tasks aren’t done on time, by using ScanChex® you will be notified immediately.

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