Can you get independent verification that your property, whether vacant or occupied, is being checked properly and punctually?

  • Is your property being checked thoroughly or is it just a casual drive-by?
  • Are your vendors being held accountable to their contractual obligations?
Use ScanChex®’s patent pending* mobile asset tracking technology to help ensure that your property is being monitored on a timely basis and with the attention to detail that you are expecting.

Now, instead of your employees or those of your contractors merely driving by and merely casually ‘eyeing’ the property from the street, they will now have to actually get out and walk around the house, scanning each code as they do so. And if the proper inspection schedule is not being observed, then management will be alerted via email or text instantly!

In fact, up to 5 individuals can be notified such as a supervisor, a service technician or owner.

And by using today’s smartphone technology, no special (and usually expensive) scanning device is required. We support all major platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows.

  • For example, a separate code is printed and placed on each side of the property, on the inside of a window or another accessible location.
  • Set your desired inspection frequency and assign your employees designated to scan each code.
  • Print out the QR tag. Each tag will have a unique ID and will have the location ‘locked in’ or geo-coded as well.
  • There is no way to fool or sabotage the system – if codes are placed elsewhere an automatic alert is generated!
  • You may wish to consider printing these on weather resistant labels.
  • Create a record for each property, set a frequency of inspections, and assign it to the employees responsible for maintaining it.
  • Download the ScanChex® App on your employees’ iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone or tablet.
  • Now each time the property is visited, the QR tags are scanned indicating that each part of the property has been checked.
  • Alerts are sent to management if the servicing schedule is not adhered to.

Ideal for Property Management Companies, ScanChex® gives your clients independent verification that properties under your care are being properly and timely checked by your employees and subcontractors!

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