For example, Assisted Living Facilities can use ScanChex®‘s code technology to ensure that their staff properly monitors residents on a timely basis to help to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.

  • A separate code is created and placed in each room, or perhaps on the patient’s ID card.
  • Set you desired inspection frequency and assign the employees designated to scan each code.
  • Download the ScanChex® App on the employees’ mobile device – phone or tablet.
With ScanChex®, management now has a way to hold their staff accountable in ensuring that patients and facilities are being checked on time. And if the inspection schedule established is not being adhered to, then you will be alerted via email or text message -instantly!

In fact, up to 5 individuals could be notified such as the supervisor, guardian, or medical personnel.

ScanChex® is easy to set up, and since each tag is geo-coded the scan must match the location as set up by the Administrator. And by using an everyday smartphone, no special (and usually expensive) scanning device is required.

ScanChex® can be applied in all areas of the Healthcare Industry: from hospitals, clinics, hospices, home healthcare agencies, assisted living facilites to community service organizations.

In fact, ScanChex® can be a valuable ally in accreditation with various regulatory agencies, by utilizing our Independent Verification technology.
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