ScanChex® can be setup to give your key clients Independent Verification that their important equipment is being serviced properly and on time….

  • A separate code is printed and placed on each maintenance item.
  • Set you desired inspection frequency and assign your technicians designated to service each item.
  • For exterior equipment consider using weather resistant labels.
  • Download the ScanChex® App on the employees’ mobile device – phone or tablet.
Each technician could be given a Service/Scan Schedule and when they have finished servicing a unit, they simply scan the tag… In fact each tag is ‘geo-coded’ so that the tag must be scanned and match up with the same location on the ScanChex® servers.. And if the proper inspection schedule is not being observed, then you will be alerted via email – instantly! Also, since each smartphone can be uniquely identified, you will know just who serviced the unit.

Up to 5 individuals could be notified such as the supervisor or the owner and by using an everyday smartphone, expensive scanning devices are not required.

ScanChex® helps you maintain customers equipment according to schedule and keep the reputation for service that your company has come to be known for!

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