For less than 35 cents per day, ScanChex® helps ensure that your retail store employees open and close at the right times.

Now you can use ScanChex®’s patent pending* independent verification technology to confirm that your employees arrive on time and close your store on time and not too early, thereby missing out on last minute shoppers!

  • Are you confident that you are maximizing revenues by keeping your store always open during the time as posted for your customers?
  • Do you know who is handling your expensive merchandise?
By using ScanChex®’s personnel verification technology, there is no unnecessary confrontation with your employees regarding their punctuality, as they either scanned the code on time or they did not!

Hourly-paid employees cannot ‘game the system’ and you are able to stick to your payroll budget, avoiding costly overtime payroll expenses.

In fact, up to 5 individuals can be notified such as a supervisor or owner.

And by using today’s smartphone technology, no special (and usually expensive) scanning device is required. We support all major platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows.

  • A code is created that employees scan on their smartphones when opening and closing the store.
  • An owner/supervisor then programs ScanChex®’s ‘Alert on Scan’ feature by which an email or text message is generated alerting you to the exact time an employee arrives or leaves your store.
  • If an employee is running late you will then be able to set contingency plans into motion.
  • You can even set a ‘tolerance limit’ for extra predetermined minutes in the event there is an unexpected delay.
Ideal for retail establishments, ScanChex®’ makes for the perfect ‘employee monitoring’ system which will help you maximize your retail sales, along with providing excellent customer service by helping to ensure that scheduled working hours are observed! All for less than 35 cents per day!
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