Agribusiness can benefit by implementing the ScanChex®low-cost inspection system!

For example, poultry houses can have a tag on each item that needs checking on a regular basis.

Now by utilizing ScanChex®’s patent pending independent verification employee monitoring technology, you’ll know for certain that this is done according to schedule and has not been overlooked intentionally or otherwise.


And by using today’s smartphone technology, no special (and usually expensive) scanning device is required. We support all major platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows.
  • A separate code is printed and placed on each maintenance item or area which needs to be monitored, such as freezers and stand-by generators.
  • Set your desired inspection frequency and assign your designated maintenance staff to scan each code on a predetermined basis.
  • These labels may be printed on weather resistant labels to reduce wear and tear.
  • Download the ScanChex® App on your employees’ Smartphone.
  • A ‘Scan Schedule’ is then printed and/or emailed to your employees and if an item is not scanned on time, then an ‘Exception’ email or text message will be sent instantly, so that action can be taken to ensure the unit is properly serviced.
  • And the ScanChex® independent verification employee monitoring system can’t be fooled – each item is geo-coded so that the locations must match up exactly!


In fact, up to 5 individuals can be notified such as a supervisor, a service technician or owner. ScanChex® makes for a perfect, low cost partner in agribusiness, helping you maintain your property and equipment according to schedule, thus minimizing losses and ensuring that vital machinery is being adequately maintained, keeping productivity and profits up.


ScanChex® provides a fully integrated Service Module with some key features desirable for any agribusiness, such as:

  • Detailed Service Ticket & optimal routing
  • Ability to store pertinent documentation for retrieval in the field
  • Ability for the technician to create notes such as voice memos, photographs, videos and written text
  • The ability to retrieve and review prior history
  • The ability to accept payments from the customer, thus helping to improve cash flow and reduce billing & accounts receivables
  • Keeps a record of when the technician arrives and how long is spent on a specific job
  • Automatically alert the next scheduled customer when the technician is on the way
  • By means of the Service Managers Control Panel, you can keep track of the whereabouts of all your technicians in real time, and know when servicing has started and been completed on all tickets
Put our ScanChex® independent verification technology to work on your farm to minimize losses and help ensure that precious livestock, crops and vital machinery are being adequately maintained

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