• Is there a way that you can rest assured that your yacht is being maintained and serviced at the appropriate service intervals punctually?
    • Are you confident that nothing has been overlooked to guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones?
    • Are crews reporting to work on time and performing their duties as they should?
Now you use ScanChex®’s patent pending* employee monitoring technology to help protect your investment by confirming that your expensive boats and yachts are actually being inspected by the person or company you have designated to do so. Bilge pumps, battery levels, oils, transmissions and general cleaning are just a few examples of the frequently required maintenance items that all boats & yachts require.


And by using today’s Smartphone technology, no special (and usually expensive) scanning device is required. We support all major platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows.

  • A separate code is created and placed on maintenance item of importance
  • Set your desired inspection frequency and assign your designated maintenance staff to scan each code on a predetermined basis
  • Download the ScanChex® App on your employees’ Smartphone
  • A ‘Scan Schedule’ is then printed and/or emailed to your employees and if an item is not scanned when it should be, then an ‘Exception’ email or text message will be sent instantly, so that action can be taken to ensure the unit is properly serviced.
  • And the ScanChex® independent verification system can’t be fooled – each item is geo-coded so that the locations must match up exactly!

In fact, up to 5 individuals can be notified such as a captain, dock master or owner.

ScanChex®’s independent verification technology helps you efficiently maintain your expensive boats & yachts protecting your investment and your family’s safety!
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