About ScanChex®

ScanChex®is an Internet start-up company headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA and founded in May 2012. We have spent the last several years in the development and rigorous testing to offer you a feature rich service and ensure an excellent customer experience.

The company’s services are due to be officially launched in October, 2016.

ScanChex® is a subscription, cloud-based ‘Software As A Service’ and specializing in giving its subscribers an inexpensive & easy-to-implement means to get Independent verification that your important assets and other critical items are being checked by your designated employees or contractors, on the frequency you have established for that item.

The service can be used for 5 categories of items:

  • Asset Inspectionsensure that important assets are being checked on time by the right individual
  • Personnel Monitoring helps you make sure that your employees are reporting to work and closing / leaving on time. Especially good for remote locations
  • Check Out – Check Inkeeps track of your shared, valuable and expensive resources such as laptops /meters / generators and the like
  • Service Modulea feature rich field management software service to help keep track of your employees and monitor the jobs as they progress through each service ticket
  • Healthcare Modulehelps gives accountability by ensuring that your employees are at the right place at the right time (Electronic Visit Verification)
ScanChex® is designed to be up and running in a matter of minutes without the need for specialized equipment and utilizes everyday smartphones as the scanning device.
The highest standards of programming and security have been employed and the service is constantly being improved as the company rolls out new features and improvements.
ScanChex®, Inc is based in Miami, Florida, United States.

Our address is:

ScanChex®, Inc
12255 SW 128 Street
Suite 406
Miami, Florida 33185

Tel: 844.4.SCANCHEX (844.472.2726)

Fax: 305.400.0201

Support: 305.396.1298

email us at: admin@scanchex.com

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be happy to know that ScanChex®, Inc. adheres to the very highest Internet standards with regards to your privacy and security.

For example, we do not sell your information to anyone, and here are a few quick links for you to review at your convenience:

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